A Guide to B2B Marketing Planning in Seriously Tough Environments

Complex products, challenging routes to market, customers owning more of the sales and marketing conversation, the ever changing and fragmenting media landscape, makes B2B marketing planning seriously complicated.  And that’s before you even begin to think about how to measure the effectiveness.

Never has B2B marketing planning been so complicated.

Follow our essential 7 part guide to B2B marketing planning with interactive guides, workshops and video tutorials being rolled out over the next few weeks.

  • We start by looking at how to turn high level sales targets into meaningful marketing strategies and plans.
  • Part 2 looks at the importance of Value Propositions and how to create a value proposition that is clear, directional and cuts through.
  • Brands shouldn’t just be the preserve of the Marketing team. A brand in any business is the promise made to the customers. Part 3 looks at a methodology for creating a brand that is not only right for the customer, but also moves businesses forward.
  • Insight – what is it? What is it not? Why there is an element of magic, and how to uncover that magic. Part 4 reveals some secrets.
  • Is a Persona just a cool new name for Target Audience? Part 5 reviews the similarities and the differences.
  • Is there a new kid on the block in terms of the ‘best’ marketing channels? Inbound marketing is making some big claims – we assess how well the claims stack up in Part 6.
  • In the final part of our series we investigate the importance of measurement – and look at a practical approach to start measuring in really complicated business.

The guide walks you through the essential elements of B2B marketing planning to make sense of complicated product offerings, customers and channels to create a manageable and meaningful plan that ultimately makes a measurable difference within your business.

If you’re interested in talking to a marketing agency with more than 30 years’ experience in developing marketing strategies for businesses in complicated marketing environments, please do get in touch through the form below, via email – bmiatt@palmerhargreaves.com, or give us a call on 01926 452525.

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