The new B2B buyer journey

Not only is there a new B2B buyer in town, but the rules of the buying journey have also changed. The buyer is firmly in control of a greater proportion of the journey than ever before. 

So, we ask what this means and how we influence the journey and ultimately achieve business goals?


A Guide to B2B Marketing Planning in Seriously Tough Environments

Complex products, challenging routes to market, customers owning more of the sales and marketing conversation, the ever changing and fragmenting media landscape, makes B2B marketing planning seriously complicated.  And that’s before you even begin to think about how to measure the effectiveness.

Never has B2B marketing planning been so complicated.

Follow our essential 7 part guide to B2B marketing planning with interactive guides, workshops and video tutorials being rolled out over the next few weeks.



What is marketing complexity?

Here at Palmer Hargreaves, we are finding that our clients are experiencing difficulty with marketing complexity when it comes to routes to market, customer demands, complicated products, too many communication channels and multiple content.

We also recognise that marketing departments are getting smaller, yet you are expected to deliver more sales leads with less money, in less time. In the modern age, isn’t this stuff supposed to be easier for the likes of us marketers?


The first rule of trade club

It’s not just about sales figures. Dealers, wholesalers and resellers are extensions of your brand, they’re communicating the benefits and technical features of your products directly to your customers. By gaining their loyalty, you don’t just ensure that your products are sold, but that they’re sold in the right way.


Measuring B2B marketing effectiveness

Measurement. That old chestnut. 

More educated customers. Fragmented and growing channels. Ever increasing barriers within the corporation to link systems together. These - and many more - reasons are why measuring activity, accurately, in real time and then driving real learnings and strategy has become all too complex.